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Wheaton News

Much of the talk around Wheaton concerns the planned revitalization of the Central Business Disctrict (CBD). Provided below are the public summaries of some of the Wheaton Redevelopment Steering Committee's meetings. Visit our interactive calendar to learn the dates of future meetings. A copy of the most recent summary that has been made available to us is presented below. In future months this information will be archived for your referral, and all text will remain searchable via the search function on WheatonNet.

Wheaton 2020: Planning for the Future


Housing and Education

  • Kathleen Guinan Co-Chair
  • Antoinette Charles Co-Chair
  • Greg Eisenstadt
  • Terry Horowitz
  • Nancy Petersen
  • Sharon Lasswell Staff

Marketing and Business Development

  • Sam Statland Co-Chair
  • Patricia Murphy Co-Chair
  • H. Selby Skaggs, Jr.
  • Ed Glynn
  • Stephen Grossman
  • Virginia Sheard
  • Joy Mara
  • Chuck Joseph
  • Nancy Gasko Staff

Outreach and Community Development

  • Marian Fryer Co-Chair
  • Mike Hall Co-Chair
  • Nancy Bushwick Malloy
  • PamelliaWilson
  • Karen Thon Staff
Transportation and Public Safety

  • Sean Gabaree Co-Chair
  • Ben Kramer Co-Chair
  • Debra Dwyer
  • Bob Abrams
  • Valery Ceasar
  • Doug Wrenn Staff

Urban Design and Image

  • Carl Tretter Co-Chair
  • Cliff Moy Co-Chair
  • Kelly Pelz
  • Leonard Greenberg
  • Joan Rubin
  • Shirley Lynne
  • Robert Nehrebecky
  • Doug Wrenn Staff


  • Carlos D'Arruda
  • David Hokanson
  • Chuck Levin
  • Norman Dreyfuss

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